Friday, January 29, 2010

Devolution to Tyranny

The Roman and Turkish empires, along with certain Asian and Egyptian dynasties, have had the longest lived governmental systems (if recollection serves me) and each of them was based on some sort of monarchy that eventually devolved into tyranny. Only Great Britain (in large part evolved from the last vestiges of the Roman empire) & ancient Greece (progenitor to the Roman representational system -- the Senate) come to mind as possible exceptions, each holding on to some form of democratic principals throughout recorded history, although Greece was overrun first by the Romans and then by the Turks (I believe) at various times. Even England went through a prolonged period in which "The Crown" could be seen as a tyrannical entity. Hence, the birth of this nation out of the former English colonies.

Every government, throughout recorded history has, prior to moving into an openly totalitarian regime, taken steps through some seemingly plausible reasoning to disarm the general populace and to register each of its citizens in some form of national record-keeping database. Each of those governments has, without fail, exhibited a steadily decreasing emphasis, and increasing restrictions, upon personal freedoms, many of which had been guaranteed by the original founders of those same governments. Each time it is proclaimed the such restrictions are all in the name of a "greater good" or for the "protection" of society as a whole. In each instance the populace is been made to accept such restrictions through a subtle mix of propaganda and coercion. Over time, each of those governments, as living, corporate entities, has forgotten or ignored the fundamental principals upon which they were founded.

For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, the parallels between the historically repeated progression of various empires into a state of tyranny as compared with the societal conditions and current bureaucratic policies of the government of the United States bears a truly frightening glimpse at the most probable future for the citizenry of the Americas -- unless drastic steps are taken to immediately instigate a radical change in the course of human events on this continent.

This is spoken by one who believes in the most narrow and strict interpretation of the United States Constitution - as written and ratified over two hundred years ago. Americans, defend yourselves -- against ALL enemies to personal liberty and freedom from tyranny, both foreign and domestic!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

First time for everything. Right? Well everyone says you have got to start somewhere. Here seems as good a place as any.